Glen Eagle®: America’s Women-Owned Trading Desk℠

Client Focused Trading for large institutions, hedge funds, wealthy families, and private equity funds for over 30 years.

Glen Eagle's Client Focused Trading platform (CFT) provides its clients with the capabilities and benefits that few brokerage firms can offer.

Glen Eagle is unencumbered by worries of profiting from a trading book with inventories or generating banking business for investment banking departments.

Glen Eagle as an agency only trading desk has flexibility to negotiate and execute transactions with the street.  Additionally, the Client Focused Trading platform places a high priority on confidentiality and this aides our efforts to help clients maintain anonymity in the marketplace.

  • Access to electronic trading, algorithms, dark pools, and floor trading
  • Competitive Margin Lending Rates 
  • Expertise in Restricted Stock sales. 
  • Anonymity: CFT viewed as a client in the street for sensitive or harder to trade orders
  • Hedging expertise using options and ETFs
  • International Trading using local brokers

324 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: 609-759-5214
Fax: 609-759-5221
Trading Line: 609-759-5220