Welcome to Glen Eagle: America’s Women-Owned Trading Desk®

We are a 100% women-owned trading desk that has been serving some of the largest institutions for the past 30 years, with the excellence and service of a boutique firm. State pensions, hedge funds, asset management firms, PE and VC firms, multi-billion dollar family offices, among other large institutions, place their trust in our team and value the relationship and results that strengthen this trust year after year.

What can you expect in a relationship with Glen Eagle?

  • Benchmark/VWAP Trading - We utilize the VWAP as a benchmark for quality execution and best possible result for our clients
  • Trust - As a family-owned firm, our values create a culture of trust among our employees and our clients.
  • Cohesiveness - Becoming a valued member of our clients’ team, we become an extension of their trading operations. We are always there to provide timely portfolio news and market updates.
  • Integrity - We believe the best way to build an enduring institution is to hold ourselves to a higher standard.
  • Experience - We have more than 30 years of deep relationships with our clients and the street.

What do we do?

  • Block Trading -  including sourcing of illiquid blocks in market
  • FIX –enabled order connections to client OMS
  • Access to all markets, ECNs and Dark Pools
  • Market updates and up to the minute portfolio news
  • Restricted Stock sales expertise
  • Hedging expertise using options and ETFs
  • International Trading using local brokers
  • Anonymity for clients
  • Corporate Stock Buyback Services
  • Liquidity sourcing, benchmarking and participation algorithms
  • Post trade analysis and order-routing details
  • Competitive Margin Lending rates 

What don’t we do?

No payment for order flow
No Proprietary trading
No Conflicts of interest

“At the core of every relationship, trading or otherwise, is trust. As a multi-generational family firm, we create that trust by taking actions today that will allow our partnerships with clients to grow for decades to come.” -Susan Michel (Founder & CEO)  

4428C Route 27 PO Box 383
Kingston, NJ 08528-0383
Phone: 609-759-5214
Fax: 609-759-5221
Trading Line: 609-759-5220