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You and I probably agree: it feels better to get a refund than having to make up for underpaid taxes. Sure, a refund means we extended the government a free loan. But assuming you’re okay with that, where could it be worthwhile to direct your refund?

Living Off The Income

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics





Glen Eagle’s Carol Ann Michel shared her financial planning expertise at a recent seminar

Glen Eagle’s Carol Ann Michel shared her financial planning expertise at a recent seminar sponsored by ND WomenConnect-Greater New York City.

10 News Moments in 2017

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics





Have you ever gotten nervous about your investment savings because of goings-on in Washington or elsewhere? Why do some political and current events unnerve markets and others elicit a ho-hum? Occasionally clients ask me to sell and avoid a coming market downturn triggered by some event. My general response? “Let’s not.”

Marylou WellBrock-Reeves Joins Glen Eagle as Managing Director of the Delaware Office

Faith Family Firm announced that Marylou Wellbrock-Reeves, CFP, has joined the firm as managing director of the Glen Eagle Advisors Delaware office.

Glen Eagle Advisors, a certified women's business enterprise headquartered in Kingston, N.J., is an independent, full-service investment firm. Glen Eagle offers an extensive array of investment products and services, wealth management services, financial planning and corporate services, including 401(k)s and retirement plans. Glen Eagle Advisors values honesty and high standards of business ethics.


Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics





By now you’ve probably heard about a family member’s or friend’s success with Bitcoin or one of the other virtual currencies. I have too. One friend shared days ago that his 20-something son had bought some Bitcoin when it was $400 (about $13,000 recently, for a 30,000% gain). Another recommended a week ago that I consider investing in one currency called Ripple (up 40% in the past seven days).

Two Steps to Lowering Investment Risk

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics






Given that there is no investing without risk, what can be done to lower investment risk? There are two broad strategies, although neither can eliminate losses. One, diversify. Two, mitigate ESG – environmental, social, and governance – risks.

Glen Eagle’s Quarterly Service Project Supports Recovering St. Thomas Island

As part of Glen Eagle’s recurring quarterly service project the team collected durable food products to ship to St.

Some conversations are difficult to have. Learn how trust, transparency, and triumph can help with end-of-life planning.

 Published in Route 1 newspaper on November 1, 2017

Yes, Risk Matters :(

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics






There’s no such thing as zero-risk investing. Risk and its cousin Return are like two sides of a coin. The more return you want, the more risk you have to assume. If you want or need less risk, then you have to accept a lower return. But what does risk look like? What role does it play in investment planning?

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