3 Tips for Thriving through the Holidays

Warren Stojanowski |

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3 Tips for Surviving Thriving through the Holidays




Welcome to the season of happy, merry, and stress?! Now that we’ve stepped into the holidays, our lives have accelerated to hyper speed. It’s a whirlwind of family, friends, parties, travel, and deadlines. It can be trying, physically and emotionally.

Don’t get me wrong. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It and Christmas convey gratitude and generosity, two of the most important values and behaviors that we can embrace. Relaxing and sharing with family and friends over holidays is priceless, and partly what life is about.

But we can agree, I believe, that even happy occasions can be stressful. The holiday season has these conflicting effects on us. And through it we often hold conflicting feelings—festive, happy, and joyous on the one hand, and anxious, de-centered, and stressed on the other.

So, here are three strategies for thriving through the holidays.

1. Practice self-compassion

Self-compassion is caring for yourself. Caring for yourself restores and rejuvenates you to continue giving to and caring for others. It has nothing to do with self-centeredness. Exercise self-compassion with healthy lifestyle practices. Work out, eat and drink sensibly, sleep enough, and manage stress with techniques such as meditation. Control what you can and don’t beat yourself up for opting out at times.

2. Find empathy for those in pain

The holiday season often evokes memories of people, relationships, circumstances, or even things that are no longer a part of our lives. The happy feelings that we’re supposed to have probably magnify those emotions of gaps.

These are opportune moments to summon empathy for others experiencing hurt or pain. This act of kindness does not diminish our own pain. Rather it joins us to a community in mutual support.

3. Choose happy

As the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu note, “No dark fate determines the future. We do. Each day and each moment. … This is the power that we wield.” It’s often not the things that happen but how we respond that determines our happiness or lack of it. When the going gets tough, exercise your power, choose hope, choose happiness. Choose a happy holiday season.

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