Advisors - Join the Glen Eagle Team

  • Consider associating with a firm that is focused on your success.
  • As a dual model firm we allow each advisor to choose the regulatory format best for them to help their clients achieve their goals.
  • We provide you with access to modern technology allowing you to serve your clients from any location.  We match this technology with a broad range of products and services.
  • Home office support designed to minimize operations issues so you can spend more time advising your clients
  • A focus on compliance and brand reputation so you can be confident that those you associate with have the same high standards you bring to your practice.
  • A competitive compensation structure.
  • Client accounts can be maintained at both Pershing and Fidelity
  • As a Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBENC) you have a competitive edge when competing for business related accounts, especially retirement accounts

Our Culture

As a firm, Glen Eagle Advisors recognizes and appreciates the spiritual nature of our employees and clients. We feel that there is a higher purpose to life than just acquiring wealth and that we all have an obligation to make our world, and particularly, our local communities better places.

The culture of Glen Eagle Advisors is based on the belief that work should be about helping others recognize their dreams but also that life is not all about work. Our firm believes in a work life balance where work and life (family) are not separate spheres, but rather that work life and personal life are fluid and that one can go seamlessly between the personal and work and back again. As every parent knows, it is possible to do many things at the same time and get lots accomplished during the day, but to do so, one needs a great support structure and the help of others. We see that as a relevant model for the financial services industry.

The Middle Way®

Glen Eagle Advisors recognizes and supports the needs of advisors and employees to have a career and a family. Recently, many women have been debating the tradeoffs between 110% dedication to career (fully leaning in) versus 110% dedication to family and home (stay at home moms). Glen Eagle Advisors actually reflect a different path, a path we call the “Middle Way®” that allows our employees and advisors to have fulfillment in both work and family. Interestingly, our advisors feel that they are better able to understand and help meet the needs of their clients because of our culture.

As the Glen Eagle Advisors Culture has evolved over the years we have captured this culture in our vision statement “Faith Family Firm. In that order”