Women’s Wealth Wednesdays with Susan Michel

Glen Eagle Advisors has its own Radio Show and Podcast! Hosted by CEO Susan Michel, Women’s Wealth Wednesdays airs every other Wednesday at 8am ET. Join Susan as she answers questions and shares tips relating to work, family and finance.

Tune in on http://www.womensradio.com/author/lhurd, https://womenswealth.podbean.com, and https://soundcloud.com/womenswealthmiddleway
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August 23: Faith's Journey to Helping Women

This week, Susan Michel, CEO of Glen Eagle Advisors in Princeton, New Jersey, is joined by guest Faith Saunders. Faith is the founder and CEO of Discover a New Future, a company focused on helping women be the best version of themselves. Faith shares how her personal struggles led her on a path of helping others. We all have something to offer, and we should be looking for opportunities to share our experiences. Tune in to hear Faith’s amazing journey and learn how she found herself running a company dedicated to helping other women!

August 9: Millennials and The Workplace

This week, Susan Michel, CEO of Glen Eagle Advisors in Princeton, New Jersey, is joined by two millennials who are eager to share their perspectives on internships and entering the workforce. Taylor used her internship as an opportunity to “test drive” a job before accepting a full-time position after college graduation. Christina, a college sophomore, discusses how two summers of internship experience have given her the opportunity to contribute to a growing firm. Technology, time management, flexibility and open-mindedness are just a few of the key points they’ll share about today!

July 26: Giving Back: Helping Our Community

In this episode of Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way, CEO Susan Michel is joined by Marna McDermott, an active community volunteer. Marna finds joy in helping others and devoting her time to several local organizations. Listen in to find out about Marna’s busy and rewarding life!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

Join us every other week on Women's Wealth: The Middle Way, a radio show aimed at helping women navigate questions about work, money, and family. You can find us on http://www.womensradio.com/author/lhurd, and https://womenswealth.podbean.com, and on the SoundCloud Apps for iPhone and Android, https://soundcloud.com/womenswealthmiddleway. See you in two weeks!

July 12: A Smart, Winning Strategy - Reverse Parenting

This week, Susan Michel, CEO of Glen Eagle Advisors in Princeton, New Jersey, is joined by guest Kathy LoBue. Kathy shares her personal experience with reverse parenting, and how she and her husband made the decision for Kathy to work outside of the home and for her husband to stay at home full-time with their children. Tune in to find out how this decision helped her family find health, balance and happiness!

June 14: Eldercare: A Two-Way Conversation

CEO Susan Michel and Joanna Gordon Martin, the founder of Theia Senior Solutions, discuss the two-way conversation that occurs between working children and their aging parents when considering eldercare.

May 31: Doing Well By Doing Good

CEO Susan Michel is joined by Joanna Gordon Martin, the founder of Theia Senior Solutions. This podcast focuses on Joanna’s journey as an entrepreneur, and how she balances work, life and family. Through her own personal experience navigating the challenge of finding care for her elderly parent, Joanna realized that she could form a business that would help others going through similar situations.

May 17: Best Laid Plans - Not So Much

In this podcast, CEO Susan Michel shares a heartfelt, personal experience about a recent time when her best laid plans didn't work out. Listen as Susan discusses life, family and how important it is to adapt when things don't go according to plan.

May 3: The Power of Mentorship

In this podcast, Susan is joined by her daughter, Carol Ann, to discuss the power of mentors as anchors of trust and igniters of change.

April 19: Living The Middle Way with Laura Hurd

In this episode, Susan interviews Laura Hurd, her executive assistant at Glen Eagle Advisors, about living The Middle Way, a lifestyle all about honoring both family and work obligations. Laura shares her personal strategies for striking a healthy work-life balance.

April 5: Spring Cleaning Your Life’s Priorities

April marks the beginning of Spring, which is the perfect time to revisit your work and family priorities and consider "Spring Cleaning" any overlapping commitments. In this episode, Susan shares some personal stories of living the Middle Way that will provide you with the insight you need to start this Spring Cleaning process!

March 22: Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, which is a great time to reflect on the immense progress women have made in business and finance. In this episode of Women’s Wealth Wednesdays, CEO Susan Michel commends the growth of women in business, especially in the past few years.

March 8: Tackling Taxes

Listen in as Susan shares her perspective and personal experiences with filing taxes. From the history of taxes, to her son's first minimum wage job, to the types of questions to ask your accountant, Susan is here to cover it all!

February 22: Giving Back

In this pilot episode of Women's Wealth Wednesdays, Susan shares her insights into the importance of "Giving Back."

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