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Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics: Great but Lower Expectations?

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics

Great but Lower Expectations?


Our eyes skip over the words. We've seen them so often that they blend into the air. “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” What if instead they read, "Past performance will be twice as good as future results"? How would that change the way you think about your family's financial future?

Relevant Advice For Charting A Path Between Business and Parenthood

Ellevate Network invited Susan Michel and her daughter, Carol Ann, to share their personal experience in balancing personal and family time with their career paths. Watch the segment to learn what worked, what didn’t and what they learned along the way.

April 2017, Investment Commentary


The first quarter of 2017 saw a strong U.S. equity market and a more challenged fixed income market. The S&P 500 finished the quarter with an impressive 5.5% increase from where it started on January 1st. The market increase was driven by two major factors:

  • Improving corporate profits
  • The anticipation that the Trump Administration will be successful in lowering corporate taxes and reducing regulatory burdens on businesses

During the first quarter, there were a number of events that could have derailed the stock market ranging from the transition to a new U.S. President to political upheaval in South Korea and missile launches in North Korea, to the official start of Great Britain’s exit from the European Union. Yet, these were hardly speed bumps in a generally upward trend.

Beauty and the Portfolio

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics

Every working day I look at investment portfolios and in them I see real people. Portfolios tell a life story. And when portfolio and life story form one organic whole, there's beauty.


Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics

He reviewed my draft and remarked, “You have to convince me and other readers why anyone needs a financial advisor in the first place.” Ouch! Coming from a friend of more than 40 years, that stung. “As an advisor, a big part of what I do is to help my clients stay disciplined about their finances.” To which he retorted, “Are you saying that your clients don’t have discipline?”

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics: SMART BETA IN A FACTOR ZOO

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics


Independence for you

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics

To Americans, independence recalls a July holiday with barbecue parties. To a college grad, independence means some combination of car, job, and apartment. To investors, a different independence matters.

January 2017, Investment Commentary


As we begin 2017, it is valuable to take a minute to sit back and reflect on the past year.  To say the least, it was quite a year.  In fact, some have termed it the year of the “unexpected” with Britain voting to leave the European Union, Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election, and the Chicago Cubs winning the baseball World Series.  Yet, to define the year with such a single theme would not do justice to the wide spectrum of events, both positive and negative, that we have witnessed.  One only needs to think of Pope Francis’ world tour of mercy, exploding Samsung phones, the attempted military coup in Turkey, the impeachment of President Rousseff in Brazil, the spread of the Zika virus, the deaths of Fidel Castro and Mohammad Ali, and the announcement that Harriet Tubman’s image will replace that of Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill to appreciate where we have been.  Yet, even as we think about 2016, we look forward to what will come in 2017.

November 30, 2016, An Owner's Guide To Creating A Business Succession Plan


An exit strategy is how entrepreneurs and investors transfer ownership of their business to a third party, or lays out how they will recoup money invested in the business. You may want to be acquired by another company, do an initial public offering (IPO), sell to employees or keep the business in the family. For many of you, the plan is simply to liquidate the company or close its doors.

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