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As I write, Hurricane Harvey continues to pummel Texas. There’s no way to draw a direct link between global warming and this storm. But suppose you want to harmonize your financial investments with your social values. Perhaps you support corporate responsibility in communities, inclusiveness in corporate hiring and corner offices, and reducing water and air pollution and carbon emission.

Glen Eagle CEO Susan Michel attends Executive Roundtable


Susan Michel attended an executive roundtable with other business leaders from New Jersey. At the roundtable Chala Dincoy, CEO and Founder of The Repositioning Expert (, spoke as a Marketing Strategist about how professional service companies can change their messaging to attract more decision makers.

Glen Eagle Supports Local Community in Annual Service Day


Glen Eagle held its annual Community Service Day earlier this summer, donating to those in need and supporting the local community. Through the collection and donation of goods as well as an active volunteering role, Glen Eagle was able to give back not through one institution, but three separate organizations dedicated to the local area. 

Planning for Digital Heaven

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics






As many of you do, I take and get lots of photos with my phone. They’re automatically backed up to the “cloud.” Then I delete the originals on my phone to make room for new photos. With an internet connection, I can retrieve the uploaded photos anytime and anywhere. Although I no longer have the original photos on my device, there is no practical difference. Or is there? What if, as a 1969 song sang, I’ve gone to the “spirit in the sky”? My wife could retrieve them as long as she had my passwords, right?

Well,   n o t   s o   f a s t.

Voting Your Conscience

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics


Further from the public eye than the US’s exit from the Paris climate accord was a vote at ExxonMobil. On May 31, shareholders voted 60/40 in favor of an annual report on the long-term impact of global climate policies on the company’s prospects. They prevailed over management resistance.

Leadership Through Mentorship


Glen Eagle CEO and Founder discusses in the Spring 2017 issue of Enterprising Women Magazine how integrating millennials into your business can help it become a stronger and more vibrant company now and in the future. 

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Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics: Invest for Impact

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics



Climate change and the 2015 Paris Accord crowded the headlines at the end of May. Meanwhile, for years investors have sought ways to direct their investments for both financial return and social impact. Are there causes that you support? Human rights, inclusion, sustainability?

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics: Great but Lower Expectations?

Dr Bob Explains Series on Financial Topics

Great but Lower Expectations?


Our eyes skip over the words. We've seen them so often that they blend into the air. “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” What if instead they read, "Past performance will be twice as good as future results"? How would that change the way you think about your family's financial future?

Relevant Advice For Charting A Path Between Business and Parenthood

Ellevate Network invited Susan Michel and her daughter, Carol Ann, to share their personal experience in balancing personal and family time with their career paths. Watch the segment to learn what worked, what didn’t and what they learned along the way.

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